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Demos And Posters






Demos And Posters

Demos and Posters


Alternative Multitouch Gestures for Map Interaction
Eva Artinger, Martin Schanzenbach, Florian Echtler

Novel Fields of Application for Tangible Displays above the Tabletop
Martin Spindler, Christian Tominski, Michel Hauschild, Heidrun Schumann, Raimund Dachselt

PhoneTouch - a technique for direct phone interaction on surfaces
Dominik Schmidt

GlobalData: Multi-User Interaction with Geographic Information Systems on Interactive Surfaces
Ulrich von Zadow, Florian Daiber, Johannes Schöning, Antonio Krüger

Comparing most recent 3D manipulation techniques for multi-touch displays
Anthony Martinet, Laurent Grisoni, Géry Casiez

lzrdm - collaborative multi-touch sequencer
Marc René Frieß, Niklas Klügel, Georg Groh

Waves: Multi-Touch VJ Interface
Jonathan Hook, Patrick Olivier

The BendDesk Demo - Multi-touch on a Curved Display
Malte Weiß, Simon Voelker, Jan Borchers

Editing and Exploring Node-Link Diagrams on Pen- and Multi-Touch-operated Tabletops
Mathias Frisch, Jens Heydekorn, Raimund Dachselt, Sebastian Schmidt, Miguel Nacenta, Sheelagh Carpendale

Demo for Digital Mysteries: Designing for learning at the tabletop
Ahmed Kharrufa, Patrick Olivier, David Leat

radarTOUCH - Multi-touch Interaction on Large Planar Surfaces
Tobias Schwirten, Chris Geiger, Dionysios Marinos

Multi-Touch Surface as Input Device
Andreas Dippon

Robyn Taylor, Guy Schofield, John Shearer, Pierre Boulanger, Patrick Olivier

iliGHT 3D Touch: A Multiview Multitouch Surface for 3D Content Visualization and Viewpoint Sharing
Jean Baptiste De la Rivičre, Nicolas Dittlo, Emmanuel Orvain, Cédric Kervégant, Mathieu Courtois, Toni Da Luz

Holocubtile: 3D Multitouch brings the Virtual World into the User's Hands
Jean Baptiste De la Rivičre, Nicolas Dittlo, Emmanuel Orvain, Cédric Kervégant, Mathieu Courtois

TouchLab - The All-In-One multi-touch marketing tool
Peter Eschler, Wolfram Kresse, Sebastian Demmerle

Xpaaand: Interacting with Rollable Displays
Mohammadreza Khalilbeigi, Roman Lissermann, Jan Riemann, Dima Burlak, Jürgen Steimle

Interactive Learning Experience On Nanotechnology
Sílvia Alcaraz Domínguez, Narcís Parés Burgučs, Joan Mora Guiard

Best Demo:MudPad - A Tactile Memory Game
Yvonne Jansen, Thorsten Karrer, Jan Borchers

E-Science on the Surface
Tom Bartindale, Jared Jackson, Patrick Olivier

TouchBridge: augmenting active tangibles for camera-based multi-touch surfaces
Cassim Ladha, Karim Ladha, Jonathan Hook, Daniel Jackson, Patrick Olivier

Invited Demo: Lumino: Tangible Building Blocks Based on Glass Fiber Bundles
Patrick Baudisch, Torsten Becker, Frederik Rudeck


SCiVA: A Design Process for Applications on Interactive Surfaces
Tobias Hesselmann, Susanne Boll

Towards Making Graphical User Interface Palettes Tangible
Martin Spindler, Michel Hauschild, Raimund Dachselt

Supporting Creativity Workshops with Interactive Tabletops and Digital Pen and Paper
Florian Geyer, Daniel Klinkhammer, Harald Reiterer

ScatterTouch: A Multi Touch Rubber Sheet Scatter Plot Visualization for Co-Located Data Exploration
Mathias Heilig, Stephan Huber, Mischa Demarmels, Harald Reiterer

Applying Bimanual Interaction Principles to Text Input on Multi-Touch Surfaces and Tabletops
Liam Don, Shamus P. Smith

Player-Defined Configurable Soft Dialogues: An Extensible Input System for Tabletop Games
Anthony Savidis, Yannis Lilis

Best Poster:A Multi-Touch Alignment Guide for Interactive Displays
Mathias Frisch, Ricardo Langner, Sebastian Kleinau, Raimund Dachselt

A collaborative touch-based newspaper editor concept
Matthieu Deru, Simon Bergweiler, Alassane Ndiaye

A Language to Define Multi-Touch Interactions
Shahedul Huq Khandkar, Frank Maurer

eGrid: Supporting the Control Room Operation of a Utility Company With Multi-Touch Tables
Elaf Selim, Frank Maurer

IdWristbands: IR-based User Identification on Multi-touch Surfaces
Tobias Meyer, Dominik Schmidt

Surface-Poker: Multimodality in Tabletop Games
Chi Tai Dang, Elisabeth André

Integrating a Multitouch Kiosk System with Mobile Devices and Multimodal Interaction
Simon Bergweiler, Matthieu Deru, Daniel Porta

PhysicsBox: Playful Educational Tabletop Games
Ricardo Langner, John Brosz, Raimund Dachselt, Sheelagh Carpendale

Development of Eye-Tracking Tabletop Interface for Media Art Works
Michiya Yamamoto, Munehiro Komeda, Takashi Nagamatsu, Tomio Watanabe

Medical Education on an Interactive Surface
Maria Kaschny, Sandra Buron, Ulrich von Zadow, Kai Sostmann

pPen: Enabling Authenticated Pen And Touch Interaction on Tabletop Surfaces
Yongqiang Qin, Chun Yu, Hao Jiang, Chenjun Wu, Yuanchun Shi

Collaborative Sketching with Distributed Displays and Multimodal Interfaces
Florian Geyer, Hans-Christian Jetter, Ulrike Pfeil, Harald Reiterer

Some Thoughts on a Model of Touch-Sensitive Surfaces
Raphael Wimmer

Multitouch Navigation in Zoomable User Interfaces for Large Diagrams
Dionysios Marinos, Chris Geiger, Tobias Schwirten, Sebastian Göbel

Experiences in Conceiving and Prototyping a Commercial Business Application using Multi-Touch Technology
Claudia Nass, Kerstin Klöckner, Rudolf Klein, Hartmut Schmitt, Sarah Diefenbach

Selecting Targets on Large Display with Mobile Pointer and Touchscreen
Umar Rashid, Jarmo Kauko, Aaron Quigley

Bounsight Table: A View-Dependent Display with a Single Front Projection
Ryo Oshima, Yasuaki Kakehi

Can "touch" get annoying?
Jens Gerken, Hans-Christian Jetter, Toni Schmidt, Harald Reiterer

A Slim Tabletop Interface based on High Resolution LCD Screens with Multiple Cameras
YoungSeok Ahn, Jun Lee, Jee-In Kim, Mingue Lim, HyungSeok Kim

From Digital to Physical: Learning Physical Computing on Interactive Surfaces
Bettina Conradi, Martin Hommer, Robert Kowalski

TouchBridge: augmenting active tangibles for camera-based multi-touch surfaces
Cassim Ladha, Karim Ladha, Jonathan Hook, Daniel Jackson, Gavin Wood, Patrick Olivier

Usage of multimodal maps for blind people: why and how
Anke Brock, Philippe Truillet, Bernard Oriola, Christophe Jouffrais

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