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Tutorial Build Pad






Tutorial Build Pad

Tutorial 4: Build Your Own Multi-Touch Pad


Anne Roudaut


Sunday November 7th, 15:30-17:00


We will show you how to build your own (stylish) USB FTIR multitouch input pad using inexpensive off-the-shelf components. You will (1) bend the acrylic waveguide to make it function as a stand (also adds style-looks great when it lights up). You will (2) solder components to make a USB LED light that injects light into the acrylic from the side. And you will (3) connect a USB camera that observes the contact area from below and transmits the video image to a connected computer. This tutorial gives you the opportunity to understand the principles of FTIR but also to play with heat guns, soldering irons, lights and acrylic. A preview of what you could build and bring back home at

Please bring your Windows Laptop to this tutorial


Slides from the tutorial

Other Tutorials on Sunday

ITS will have four exciting tutorials in the following order on Sunday:

  1. Qualitative Evaluation as an Interaction Design Approach
  2. Software Development for Tabletops
  3. Touch Sensing Technologies
  4. Build Your Own Multi-Touch Pad
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