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Tutorial Software Dev






Tutorial Software Dev

Tutorial 2: Software Development for Tabletops


Ulrich von Zadow


Sunday November 7th, 11:00-12:30


Over the last years, much tabletop-related software has been produced. Libraries, APIs and protocols have been developed. Design patterns have emerged and many typical algorithms are used and re-used in the community. This tutorial will give a structured overview over the technical aspects of building applications for tabletop devices. Capabilities of existing systems will be examined and classified. Library implementation issues and algorithms will be covered in detail. This includes the tracking pipelines needed for optical tabletops (FTIR, DI) as well as high-level capabilities such as gesture and object recognition, event handling, hand/finger correlation and widget libraries and an overview over application-level considerations. This work is supported by the Network Serious Games Berlin.


Slides from the Tutorial

Other Tutorials on Sunday

ITS will have four exciting tutorials in the following order on Sunday:

  1. Qualitative Evaluation as an Interaction Design Approach
  2. Software Development for Tabletops
  3. Touch Sensing Technologies
  4. Build Your Own Multi-Touch Pad
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