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Tutorial Touch Sensing






Tutorial Touch Sensing

Tutorial 3: Touch Sensing Technologies


Florian Echtler


Sunday November 7th, 13:30-15:00


During the last few years, a tremendous amount of interactive surfaces have been constructed in research labs around the world. Although commercial devices have been available for some time now, the flexibility afforded by custom-built interfaces is still a major factor, particularly for experimental setups.

In the first part of this tutorial, a comprehensive overview of touch sensor technologies, both commercial and do-it-yourself, will be given. In the second part, a number of advanced techniques for infrared-optical sensing will be presented with a particular focus on custom-built setups. These techniques serve to mitigate some of the problems inherent to optical sensors, e.g., susceptibility to stray light.


Slides from the tutorial

Other Tutorials on Sunday

ITS will have four exciting tutorials in the following order on Sunday:

  1. Qualitative Evaluation as an Interaction Design Approach
  2. Software Development for Tabletops
  3. Touch Sensing Technologies
  4. Build Your Own Multi-Touch Pad
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