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ITS 2010 Venue

Conference Venues

There are three main venues:

To university and DFKI (from Saarbrücken Central Station)

  • Bus route: 112 or 124 by the Saartal Bus Company, or other buses by the Saarland Public Transport Association
    • Direction: From Saarbrücken Central Station to: "Dudweiler-Dudoplatz" or "Uni-Campus"
    • Time: about 20mins
  • Bus routes 102, 111, 109 and 150
    • Direction: Town hall (Saarbrücken Rathaus) - University
    • Time: about 15mins
  • Taxi (about 10 minutes)

Bus connection timetable in German:

(source and further information: Tourist Information 2010)

Overview Documents

Saarbrücken castle and bus stops for going to the university (DFKI) University Map and bus stops Map for trip to Voelklinger Huette Social events: Venues overview

Language Support

If the bus driver cannot speak english you can use the mp3s below to order a bus ticket to DFKI/Schloss/Rathaus/Johanniskirche, just download the file onto your mobile and play it when needed

How to get to Saarbrücken

Visit our travel page on more information about how to get to Saarbruecken.

Where to stay in Saarbrücken

For infos on hotels and walking distance or bus routes to the conference from the hotels go to the hotels page.

For any further information or questions about travel issues do not hesitate to contact:

The tutorial, the doctoral symposium and the demo session will be held at DFKI on the university campus. Information on how to travel to the university.

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